Can Low Testosterone Cause Low Appetite?

Can Low Testosterone Cause Low Appetite?

There's a clear relationship between low testosterone and low sexual appetite. Since the hormone regulates your libido, anytime you're low on T, your

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There’s a clear relationship between low testosterone and low sexual appetite. Since the hormone regulates your libido, anytime you’re low on T, your sex drive also gets affected. But if it’s your appetite for eating that we’re talking about, hormones other than testosterone are actually regulating your feelings of hunger and satiety.

What’s interesting, however, is that for overweight or obese men with low testosterone, hormone replacement therapy has actually been proven to help them lose weight. Read on to learn about how testosterone can help you manage your weight.

Hormones That Regulate Your Appetite

With regard to regulating your appetite, leptin and ghrelin are the responsible hormones. You can think of ghrelin as the villain and leptin as the hero. Ghrelin is actually responsible for making you feel hungry, while leptin suppresses your appetite.

Ghrelin is produced in your stomach, and your ghrelin levels typically increase when you’re undereating. When your ghrelin levels go up, you’ll feel hungry. After eating, ghrelin levels usually go down for around 3 hours or more. Then they’ll go up again to tell you that you need to eat again.

Leptin, on the one hand, is produced by your fat cells. You’ll be producing more leptin when your fat mass is high. Your body will try to suppress your appetite since you already have enough energy stores. People who are thin tend to have low levels of leptin. They don’t need their appetite to be suppressed because they need to eat in order to gain energy.

fat man with platter of burgerObese people tend to become insensitive to the leptin’s signals as they build up a tolerance for the hormone. Once you’re already insensitive to leptin, you’ll no longer feel the appetite-suppressant effects of the hormone, which means you’ll continue eating even if you don’t need the extra energy source.

However, the one thing that’s really interesting about leptin is the fact that your spermatozoa also secrete leptin. Plus, scientists have noted that leptin receptors are present in your seminal plasma. These findings indicate that leptin also plays a role in your reproductive function.

Another thing that scientists noted about leptin is that it’s inversely related to testosterone. This means that your leptin levels tend to get higher the lower your testosterone levels drop. That’s because low testosterone typically results in a high fat mass.

Testosterone and Your Weight

Testosterone has two important functions that are directly related to your body composition and weight. First off, the hormone is directly involved in the formation and growth of your muscle tissues. The second function is related to the metabolism of fat cells in your body.

There’s a reason why men who have high testosterone levels tend to have lower fat mass. They tend to be active, and they burn fat more efficiently. On the one hand, men who have low testosterone levels tend to be heavier and to have a higher fat mass. Indeed, increased fat mass is one of the common effects of declining testosterone levels.

This is also another factor why overweight or obese men tend to have very low testosterone levels. On top of that, the more fat cells you have, the more you produce aromatase, which is an enzyme that causes you to have low free testosterone levels by converting testosterone into estrogen.

In short, low testosterone can make you fat and the higher your fat mass, the lower your testosterone gets. It’s a cycle that’s quite difficult to break. Fortunately, increasing your testosterone levels, either through natural means or hormone replacement therapy, can help.

Natural Ways to Increase T Levels

For boosting your testosterone levels, there are numerous herbal remedies readily available as supplements. Of course, you can also exercise more frequently. That’s another way to increase your T levels. Or you can approach your doctor and ask for testosterone replacement therapy.

However, testosterone boosters present a much more convenient way to increase your male sex hormone levels. And since natural testosterone boosters usually have antioxidants, you can gain more health benefits when you take testosterone-boosting supplements.

For instance, Male UltraCore, one of the most potent testosterone-boosting male enhancement pills available today, offers so much more than just boosting your T levels. With its unique formula, Male UltraCore delivers overall improvements not only in your sexual performance but also in your reproductive health.

Male UltraCore’s Amazing Benefits

  • Sustained increase in testosterone synthesis and retention

Male UltraCore is formulated to enable you to experience a sustained increase not only in your production of testosterone but also in your testosterone retention.

With natural ingredients such as Tribulus terrestris, zinc and magnesium aspartate, Tongkat Ali, fenugreek, and Horny Goat Weed, Male UltraCore stimulates you to produce more testosterone and allows you to keep your free testosterone levels high.

  • Increased penile vasodilation

male sex enhancement supplementsAs most men know, blood flow to the penis is crucial when it comes to achieving erections. When blood doesn’t fill your penis sufficiently, you’ll just end up with a very weak erection or with no erection at all. The more your penis gets filled with blood, the stronger and more rigid your erection becomes.

This is possible when your penile arteries are dilating properly. When your penile blood vessels open wide, it allows for more blood to flow into the erectile tissues inside your penis. Male UltraCore makes this happen through natural ingredients like L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and Tribulus terrestris.

Male UltraCore’s other ingredients like maca and Tongkat Ali also promote improved erectile function. Maca has long been scientifically validated to improve sexual performance, and the same goes for Tongkat Ali. In fact, scientists have found that the enzyme that makes your penis flaccid can actually be inhibited by Tongkat Ali.

  • Enhanced fertility

If you look at the natural ingredients contained in Male UltraCore, you’ll realize that this amazing male enhancement supplement is really packed with herbal ingredients that are scientifically proven to help improve male fertility.

Maca, Tribulus terrestris, Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, and even Horny Goat Weed have been subjected to clinical trials and tested for their effects on semen parameters and male fertility. These herbs are all known to have positive effects on sperm production, spermatozoa development, and semen quality.

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