Should I Be Concerned with Free Testosterone Levels?

In men, testosterone is the most abundant male sex hormone for a reason. This necessary androgen plays important roles in many body processes, and not just in maintaining high sex drive and normal sexual performance. However, when we think of testosterone, we don’t really differentiate between free and total testosterone levels. In truth, though, free […]

Differences Between Free and Total Testosterone Levels

So, you’ve got a problem with your sex drive. Is it safe to assume right away that your testosterone levels are low? Most men associate testosterone with libido, and rightly so since the hormone is the one that primarily powers your sex drive. But testosterone is much more than just fuel for your libido. Men’s […]

How Do You Know When Your Testosterone Levels Are Falling Off?

Men today are already very much aware of how crucial testosterone is. Not only does your primary male sex hormone help you perform well during sex, but it’s also necessary for your overall health. The problem, however, starts when your testosterone levels start to fall off. When this happens, you’ll start experiencing various changes in […]

Do People Really Want to Have Sex with Ghosts?

In layman’s terms, spectrophilia refers to the phenomenon of having sex with or being sexually attracted to ghosts. People who are attracted to or have had sexual interactions with ghosts are called spectrophiles. People would probably question your sanity if you told them that you wanted to have sex with a ghost. But according to […]

Sex Toys That You Can Enjoy Together to Spice Up the Bedroom

So you think the old missionary position is boring and sex has already become routine. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your bedroom game, why not try using sex toys? Sexual playthings are perfect for increasing your pleasure. Plus, they also make sex more intense and exciting. It’s not true that men who […]

Best Ways to Time Your Orgasms with Your Partner

Most couples would agree that sex is most enjoyable when you climax together. Although this is something that makes sex so fulfilling, unfortunately, not all couples are able to achieve this each time they have sex. Being able to achieve a shared orgasm is a worthy relationship goal, as long as you both know that […]

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